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Visions of the North

Opening Friday, November 25, 2016

     We invite you to open your hearts to a glimpse of the Far North as we celebrate the Holiday Season and the coming of winter. The kickoff to our holiday season is our Thanksgiving Show highlighting the jewelry of Alaskan native artist Dawn Wallace.  Dawn’s newest creations honor Mothers and Babies of the Arctic. 
     We'll also be unveiling new carvings and sculptures in stone, bone and walrus tusk from the Bering Strait in the West to Canada's Nunavut Territory in the East. Experience the amazing talents of Ojibwe basketmakers from Lake Huron and Acho Dene people in the Northwest Territories who combine the beauty of birch bark with porcupine quills to create unique vessels of great beauty.
      The indigenous people of our colder regions know how to exist closely with their natural surroundings; use this holiday season to share and celebrate Northern cultures through the artistic expressions of their people.

       Grant and Betsy Turner


      These pages are devoted to some wonderful Alaskan carvings made from organic materials such as Caribou Antler, Walrus Tusk Ivory (both new and 'fossilized'), Wood and Bone. These are all carved by indigenous arctic people who continue to use everything from the animals that provide them with food, clothing and shelter. 
       We stock many different Alaskan pieces, almost all of which can be seen on these pages. The nature of Native Alaskan Art means that we don't always have as much information on the artist as we have for the people of the Canadian Arctic - we will get you all the information we have.
      Please remember to note the dimensions of these pieces - the scale varies by photo!


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