Denise and Dawn Wallace Jewelry Show

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Thanksgiving Weekend is a big time for us here in our little Vermont hometown.

Like so many others of our homeland, we enjoy the opportunity to pause and reflect - it is incredible to live in a place and time with so much for which we are grateful, and it is so easy to lose site of that in the day-to-day 'noise'. Betsy and I can look back on an amazing year with our two wonderful daughters and my Mom as well as a whole spectrum of friends, siblings, nieces and nephews (and some crazy dogs and cats), a healthy business life and our hobbies and sports that invigorate us both. At the same time, we are mindful that good fortune often seems just out of reach for many, and for those of you who live with that, know that there are others ready and able to reach out and help lift you up.

In southern Vermont, Thanksgiving has a few extra treats. Of course, the snow flakes have begun blowing, and that means we're digging out our winter selves - ski gear, snow tires, a favorite sweater - and we're on the hunt for the newest toys to make winter fun.  We make some adjustments in our diet - the soup is thicker and the root vegetables start to take over. The days still continue to get shorter, but once a little snow is around to reflect light off the ground it becomes brighter again and the lack of leaves on our hardwood forests add longer views and bigger landscapes.

At Long Ago & Far Away we enjoy a full day off on Thanksgiving Day, then kick off the winter shopping season with the opening of Annual show of Denise and Dawn Wallace Jewelry on Friday evening. This year Denise will be with us in Vermont while Dawn will keep tabs on us from Hawaii. We hold sales until the 5:00 (Eastern Time) opening, then it goes crazy! Folks travel from far away to be here in person for the opening, and many more follow it online and call in with their orders. All the pieces are unique so they can only find one new home (good for the first in line, not so good for the second...). For us working the show, the flurry of activity right at the opening is a blast, and then it settles down a bit and we get to enjoy the truly interesting people who are part of this annual event. Plus, we have donuts -hehehe.

Saturday morning we start again at 10:00 and Denise will join us for the day as so many old friends and customers stop in - both because her opening as well as for the other jewelry, sculpture and weavings we offer. Of course, the weekend winds down on Sunday and we will look forward to a month of helping our great customers find that special piece they've got in mind, or peruse the inventory with an eye for a certain loved one. By Christmas, we can wrap boxes in our sleep and think about how many people will be surprise with the thought and care others put into their gifts.

We hope you enjoy the spirit of the holiday and join us in raising a glass of cheer!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Grant and Betsy



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