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In the late 70's Betsy and I began an adventure that continues to this day. We've both grown, evolved, and had so many experiences together that, when looking back, they all seem to run over one another - as water drops flow together to become a river. This week we visited our Canadian cottage to put it away for the winter and in a few days of in-your-face weather we found some of the most beautiful moments I recall. One of them was this rainbow of color hitting a point of land on an adjacent island - of course we've known that point our whole lives, but it is a new memory now, and I'll always be able to look at it as a particularly blessed place.

Once in a while, the meaning of our gallery's name comes up and this photo is part of that. What we have now will someday be from long ago and far away - be aware enough to recognize what is important, hold onto it and keep it with you. Almost one hundred years ago the famed Arctic Explorer and Anthropologist Knud Rasmussen recorded this profound reflection by an Inuit elder that knew the beauty of the world:

"Then, all meat seemed juicy and tender,
and no game too swift for a hunter.
When I was young,
every day was as a beginning
of some new thing,
and every evening ended
with the glow of the next day's dawn."

- Collected and translated near Hudson Bay by Knud Rasmussen, The report of the Fifth Thule Expedition, 1921-24

Every day we come to work it feels like a "beginning of some new thing"; life should be an adventure.



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