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Seal Hunt Bracelet By Denise Wallace

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Denise Wallace Seal Hunt Bracelet with Chrysaprase c.1992

The Seal Hunt Rings and Bracelets

On this bracelet is a hunting scenes with hunters in pursuit of a group of seals. The cuff also has a bear’s head on one side. This is to represent the design that would be painted on the hunter’s boat as a guiding spirit. The spirit of the animal is represented by the human face and it's adornment on the front.

This vintage piece is in excellent "as new" condition.

The cuff band is 7/8" wide; This bracelet is a 'medium/small' and will fit a wrist with a 6" circumference; the opening gap is set at 1" wide - it can be adjusted for comfort. 

Materials are Sterling Silver, Fossilized Walrus Tusk Ivory and Chrysaprase.

*As this item contains restricted materials, it cannot be shipped outside the USA 

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