Fetish Earrings by Denise Wallace (c.1992)

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Fetish Earrings by Denise Wallace *Vintage

Limited-Edition, #8 of 100. Circa 1992. 

Total length of each earring is 2⅛"


These earrings are based on small carved figures created millennia ago by the coastal people of modern day Alaska, and show a male and female figure. A note from Denise: "Many people ask the reason for the facial expressions on the male and female faces. There seem to be many different stories behind this, but the one I am going to tell you comes from my friend Chuna McIntyre. This is a short version of the story:
"At one time there was a brother and a sister. The brother flew up to the sky and turned into the sun. His sister flew up crying, and turned into the moon. Hence, the reason for the upturned mouth on the male faces, and the down-turned mouth on the female faces.""

Sterling Silver, 14Kt Gold, Fossil Walrus Ivory.

*This item contains restricted materials, and can not be shipped internationally.