"Mana Wahine" Pin/Pendant by Denise Wallace

"Mana Wahine" Pin/Pendant by Denise Wallace

With this piece, Denise Wallace celebrates the power of women in Indigenous cultures, and specifically those in the trans-Pacific world which spans the Alaskan coastal regions of her ancestors, the Hawaiian Islands she calls home, and the New Zealand lands of the Maori, from which the phrase "Mana Wahine" originates.

"Mana Wahine represents all the indigenous women who have stood for all people with respect for the planet’s water rights, forest and plants and the natural sacred places. Mana Wahine means woman power. This design takes form as a mask from our region. The cutout along the edge represents water, trees and mountains. The woman’s face is in the middle and when you remove her face the cutout underneath is the women, men and children on the Mauna (Mauna Kea) dancing and celebrating their stand on the Mauna to protect their sacred place from further desecration. The cutout hands show the sign for the Mauna." Denise Wallace, November 2019

Outer dimensions of the complete piece: 2.5" tall; 2.4" wide

Materials are Sterling Silver, 14Kt Gold, Fossilized Walrus Tusk Ivory, Ink

We display pendants on a variety of chains and collars which are available at extra cost - please contact us directly for quotes and advice. 

*As this item contains restricted materials, it cannot be shipped outside the USA

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