We're here! See below.

April 2, 2020

We have not sent out an email since this pandemic started because we're sensitive to the fact that we work in the area of art and beauty, not food and shelter and need. In getting our own lives organized, and helping many others do the same thing, up until this point we've been focused on food and shelter ourselves - the needs, not the wants. Existence vs. beauty.

At this time, as we all start to settle in for the long haul, we feel that most of the folks we've been in touch with have their routines in order (ie. they don't need any more TP!), and that existence is somewhat settled. The idea of adding a sense of beauty is again gaining appeal, and the solutions to the quandary "how to live" are being supplanted with the question of "why do we live". Once we have food and shelter, out comes the richness of culture; the arts of music, sculpture, painting, jewelry and the like. It is time to look at the arts to rebuild our spirits and put purpose back into our lives.

We have been self-quarantining in the idyllic forest's edge at our home in Vermont. So many have not had that luxury, not to mention all the medical folks at the front lines of this crisis as it tries to rip apart the fabric of our families and communities. We are now, and always will be, in their debt. To those who have lost friends and family members to this pandemic, we know that these wounds will never really heal and we offer our condolences to you and your families.

What are we doing? In 16 days of quarantine, we've adjusted to the idea that we will be living as "germ-o-phobes" for the foreseeable future. And we're trying to find a way forward. Our business is built on a set of relationships among our customers and artists and us. Many of our customers are close to us personally and we love our interactions with you. The artists we work with - friends of decades in many cases – are true professionals that gain their living through their art. Supporting them is a vital role which we play. We are working to find new ways to support them in this time of need.

Betsy and I have been working a full-week schedule for over 34 years. And that won't change. Our main business vehicle - the sales floor of our retail store - is temporarily closed since we're a non-essential place of gathering (that's OK!). However, we have a lot of other options, a lot of inventory which we know people will want, and Gift Certificates that are always available. We're focusing on the other paths available to deliver those to you including online shopping, shipping, local curbside pickup, and local delivery – we are open to any ideas you might have! We're busy adding more pieces to our website every day and shipping daily via UPS and twice weekly via the Post Office so your orders will go out!

We want to be in touch! Emails, Instagram and Facebook posts, this website, calls, and texting photos of specific items directly are all part of it, but mostly we miss you, our customers and friends.  If we aren't actually in the store during the day, the store's calls are forwarded, so we are available by phone during what would normally be regular business hours. The number is 802-362-3435.

We've been struggling about the timing of this reminder. When is existence set in place and when can beauty be put forward as a priority? Isn’t existence beautiful in itself? When does beauty become a part of our existence? The answers are different for everyone, and we want our friends, customers, and artists to know that we always put you first in our plans. We move forward honoring the trust and friendship that you place in us.

Looking forward to when we next meet,