3" Tufted Chickadee Quill Box by Lorraine Besito

Through the use of natural materials like Birchbark, sweetgrass, and porcupine quills, Lorraine Besito, of the Saugeen First Nations, created a wonderful piece here, with a resting chickadee. Through the use of the incredibly difficult technique, called “tufting,” which creates a three-dimensional landscape when working with quills, Lorraine brought this beautiful chickadee to life! She also surrounded it with a natural birchbark border, pulling the piece together, and making the chickadee stand out!

Title: Tufted Chickadee Quill Box
Artist: Lorraine Besito
Community: Saugeen First Nations
Size: 3" Diameter
Materials: Birchbark, Porcupine Quills, Sweetgrass, thread
Price: $350.00

Collections: Porcupine Quill Boxes

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