Dancer Necklace by Denise Wallace

Dancer Necklace by Denise Wallace 

This gorgeous necklace (in a style sometimes called a "Cleopatra" Necklace) is made up of individual tabs of Sterling Silver all linked together - it flows around the neck and gracefully focuses attention on the wearer. Most of the tabs have cutouts of dancers typical of those found on ancient Walrus Tusk Ivory artifacts from both the Okvik and Old Bering Sea cultures in Alaska. Five tabs are mounted with Ivory Face carvings, the central tab has a hinged mask "door" that can be opened to reveal the inner face (which is the Inua - the human spirit). 

This necklace was made in the 90's and is a rare example of this form.

Sterling Silver and Fossilized Walrus Tusk Ivory. The necklace measures about 18" long; each tab is one inch tall.


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