Woman-In-The-Moon Earrings (Clips) by Denise Wallace

Earrings, Denise Wallace Woman-In-The-Moon (Clips)

Title: Woman In the Moon

Artist: Denise Wallace

Size: About 1¼" tall

Materials: Sterling Silver, Fossil Walrus Ivory

Comments: These earrings have classic Clip-on fittings. 

From Denise: "This design comes from a mask carved by both Eskimo and Athabascan natives. The idea of the woman in the moon reminds us of our sister who became the moon. The designs on the cheeks or chins were added by our neighbors, the Athabascans. We have included these designs in our work. This design is one of the pieces I have worked with for some time. The first "Woman in the Moon" reminded me of my grandmother. As a result, I think of her through the design."

This item is an important piece featured in our annual exhibit and sale of Wallace family jewelry. Please contact us at our retail gallery for pricing and any more details. We can be reached at 802-362-3435, or email us at sales@longagoandfaraway.com.

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