Hummingbird (Rust/Red) Pin/Pendant by Dawn Wallace

Hummingbird (Rust/Red) Pin/Pendant by Dawn Wallace

About 2.75" from beak to tail; 2.5" from the tip of the wing to the end of the tail. 

In Alaska, Hummingbirds are part of the summer experience and bring joy and color to the warm weather. During the part of her childhood living in Santa Fe, Dawn remembers coaxing them land on her outstretched finger in the garden.

Materials are Sterling Silver, 14Kt Gold, Fossilized Walrus Tusk Ivory, Ink

We display pendants on a variety of chains and collars which are available at extra cost - please contact us directly for quotes and advice. 

*As this item contains restricted materials, it cannot be shipped outside the USA

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