Navajo Life Necklace by Herbert Taylor

Navajo Life Necklace by Herbert Taylor (b.1960- d.1996)

We continue to celebrate the creativity of our late friend, Herbert Taylor, and are pleased to offer this one-of-a-kind necklace which he created in the early 90's. Herbert made every bit of this piece - the  beads, the clasp, the settings, etc. The gold is almost certainly an alloy which he made (he had taught himself how to process gold so he could get the color he wanted). we think the stone is Pilot Mountain Turquoise. The close-up photos should give the viewer a good idea of how crisp his cutting could be.

Size: This necklace is 20" long; the pendant is 2.25" tall (including the bale).

Materials: Sterling Silver, 14Kt Gold, Pilot Mountain Turquoise.

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