Caribou Pin/Pendant by Denise Wallace

Caribou Pin/Pendant by Denise Wallace (#29 of 200), c.1990

This figure was made in a limited edition which opened in 1990. It was incredibly popular (for good reason) and we're tickled to have this early piece from the series as a re-sale item here. Still in nearly perfect, original condition, this piece has the classic hinged mask, singing face inside, and nicely contrasting blue lapis and white ivory, which makes it bright and lively. The dimensions are 2" long and 2.25" tall.

Materials include Sterling Silver, Lapis Lazuli and Fossilized Walrus Tusk Ivory.

This item is an important piece featured in our annual exhibit and sale of Wallace family jewelry. Please contact us at our retail gallery for pricing and any more details. We can be reached at 802-362-3435, or email us at  

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