Seal Mask Pin/Pendant by Denise Wallace (#28 of 100)

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Seal Mask Pin/Pendant by Denise Wallace (#28 of 100)

This piece is an interpretation of an ancient Yup'ik Seal Dance Mask found at Cape Vancouver on Nelson Island, British Columbia. The 'human' face is the Inua (or Yua) representing the spirit of the animal. Denise noted, "So many have called this a turtle, I have been tempted to call it a Seal/Turtle transformation." ( Arctic Transformation: The Jewelry of Denise and Samuel Wallace", auth. Lois Dubin, pg.91). 

As in many Northwest Coast masks, the outer mask opens to reveal an inner face. In this instance, the inner face is removable and can be worn independantly as a pendant. Since the main piece is also a pin (brooch), you can wear them both at the same time!

Title: Seal Mask Pin/Pendant (Limited Edition, #28 of 100)

Artist: Denise and Samuel Wallace

Size: The main element is 2.8" tall

Materials: Sterling Silver, 14kt Gold, Fossil Walrus Tusk Ivory.

This item is an important piece included in our annual exhibit and sale of Wallace family jewelry. Please contact us at our retail gallery for pricing and any more details. We can be reached at 802-362-3435, or email us at

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