Pendant, Denise Wallace Woman of Ages #2

Title: WOMAN OF AGES Pin/Pendant #2

Artist: Denise and Samuel  Wallace

Size: The maximum top-to-bottom measurement of the "spokes" surrounding the mask is 3 1/8".

Description: Denise's interpretation of traditional masks is remarkable, as can be seen in this exceptional mask pin (or pendant). The workmanship is unparalleled, the execution crisp and clean, and the artistry is refined and delicate. This is a seemingly straightforward piece, but it transforms into separate elements that can be worn together or alone. Because of its balanced symmetry, this mask makes a perfect center-piece to a collection of other Wallace jewelry (see our selection of earrings, for example).

Materials: Sterling Silver, 14Kt Gold, Fossil Walrus Ivory.

This item is an important piece featured in our annual exhibit and sale of Wallace family jewelry. Please contact us at our retail gallery for pricing and any more details. We can be reached at 802-362-3435, or email us at

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