Caribou Hunt Ring by Denise Wallace

Caribou Hunt Ring by Denise Wallace 

Name: "Caribou Hunt" Ring

Artist: Denise and Samuel Wallace

Size: The ring is a Size 6 1/2. The bezel is 11/16" tall X 5/8" wide.

Materials: Sterling Silver, Fossilized Walrus Ivory, Ink.

Comments: Circa 1990's. This ring is from the "Fabricast" line - the bezel (background) was cast in Sterling Silver and the ivory 'stone' was hand-carved and scrimshawed at Denise's Santa Fe studio. This was a design that Denise only made from time-to-time and we've never had one come up for resale before. This example is in perfect, like-new condition. The band is stamped DENISE WALLACE STERLING  ©

Condition: Excellent

*As this item contains restricted materials, it cannot be shipped outside the USA

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