Half Man/Half Animal Mask Pin/Pendant by Denise Wallace (c.1988)

$ 11,500.00 USD

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Shaman Mask "Half-Man Half-Animal" Pin/Pendant by Denise Wallace

#1 of an edition of 5; c.1988

This is a classic transformation piece. The central face is divided into two sides, each representing the different states of transformation. As a removable, stand-alone pendant, the Man/Animal Mask can be worn on its own chain, while the outer frame can be worn as either a pendant or as a pin. Remarkable!!!

Materials are Sterling Silver, 14Kt Gold and Fossilized Walrus Tusk Ivory

2 5/8" tall X 1 1/2" wide

We display pendants on a variety of chains and collars which are available at extra cost - please contact us directly for quotes and advice. 

*This item contains restricted materials, and can not be shipped internationally.